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T-Shirt Print Trends for 2019

Get ahead of the game!  We consult our crystal ball to bring you our predictions for which t-shirt designs may be trending in the coming year:

1. Politics

In the UK, could Jeremy Corbyn get into Downing Street?  Maybe Donald Trump will be assassinated?  Will Putin take over the world?  Whatever happens, the new year may well continue to bring some stark changes on the political landscape, and as politicians are indeed fair game, then this could well be a big player on the custom T-shirt design scene in 2019.

2. Sport

With so many great sporting events due in 2018, this is a no-brainer.  The Winter Olympics, The Super Bowl, The Masters and The Commonwealth games just to name a few.  Then there's all the usual suspects, The FA Cup, The Six Nations, The European Championships, Wimbledon, The Formula One Season - They're all popular subjects as well.  Some rising events could also see some great shirt ideas - The Gay Games, the Invictus Games and one of my personal favourites, the World Women's Volleyball Championships were all massively popular events in 2018.  Which sporting event t-shirts do you think we'll be seeing in 2019?  Please comment below! 

3. War/Peace

Is large scale war brewing?  Are we on the brink of WWIII?  Will Trump, Putin or May press that red button?  Could this mean the return of popular symbols like the CND or other such campaigns, maybe looking at the other side of it and we will see lots more pro-war slogans? (I certainly hope not!)

4. Veganism

As the global Vegan movement really starts to gather momentum, we're definitely seeing more Vegan and Vegetarianism T-Shirt designs becoming popular - and indeed those taking the mick out of them!

5. Pop Culture

With some pretty awesome films released in 2018, the t-shirts were, of course, flooding along pretty quickly. The new Han Solo film, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Deadpool 2 and the Predator, to name but a few - Let the parodies continue in 2019!

6. Legalise it!

With so much changing on the global stage regarding Cannabis, the subject is turning less and less taboo with every week that passes. I have absolutely no idea how many different weed t shirt designs there are in circulation right now, but it's a lot. And you can bet your bottom dollar, there'll be a whole lot more along next year!

7. Years/Places of birth

This has really been a popular one this year.  
 For whatever reason, people really have a connection with the year and place that they were born.  Birthday T-shirts with the year you were born in, or a place name that you're from, or both, will continue to develop in 2019, who knows where it will end!


Again, a decreasingly taboo subject across the world.  As more and more people come out of their various closets, so do the t-shirts!  Gay Pride sells tshirts and is likely to sell even more in 2019...

9. Animals

People with pets love to show them off on a t-shirt. But what will be the cool pet of 2019? The Labradoodle? Alpacas? Snakes? Giraffes? Who knows, but you can be darn sure they'll be appearing on at least a few t-shirt designs for sure!

10. Humour

Where will the world's sense of humour be at next year, one can only guess! Who will be this year's butt of the joke? I can name a few politicians in the UK on a somewhat unsteady ground for starters!  

11. Hoodies!

Printed hoodies seem to be becoming more and more popular all the time and we predict this trend will continue into 2019. Don't forget all our designs are available not just on t-shirts, but on hoodies, sweats and other garms too...

12. You decide!

In the very near future, we'll be offering you the ability to create your own t-shirt using our fantastic new online t-shirt creation tool or modify one of our many designs.  We all want to be truly unique, so we'll be giving you the chance!
In the meantime though, please comment below with the design ideas you'd most like to see in the future - If there's any I really like, we'll create it, stick it on a t-shirt and mug and send it out to you free of charge :)
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  • How about some pro Veggie shirts like “give peas a chance” ???

    Neil Darnley
  • I’d love to see more good causes t-shirts. I think if it’s done right, it can be a great way to raise awareness of important issues and even raise money for those charities. I see you have started doing charitable campaigns, but do you have plans to do more of this in the future? I think it would be a very good idea. Love the giraffe t-shirt in the post by the way, how good is that!


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