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Spring has Sprung! Here's our Favourite Gardening & Nature themed T-Shirts

Spring has Sprung! Here's our Favourite Gardening & Nature themed T-Shirts

Spring has Sprung! 

Monday was officially the first day of Spring. Shoots & buds are starting to appear along with those pesky weeds. Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves & get your hands dirty in the garden or allotment & we’ve got some great gardening T-Shirt designs to get you in the mood for digging, sowing & hoe-ing!  

Here’s a selection of our favourite Gardening Tees… 

This T-Shirt is perfect for anybody you know with a green thumb! We know that there’s no prouder moment than growing your own tomatoes or kitchen garden from seed, then telling everyone about it. 

For some people the garden is their safe space, escape or therapy session! Our ‘I’d Rather be in my Garden’ T-Shirt is perfect for those that would much rather take solace amongst the shrubs than hang out with their mates. 

Similarly, this Tee is a perfect gift for that family member forever pottering in the Shed. What we’d really like to know is what do they do in there?! 

The possibilities of what you can do in your garden this Spring are endless! We predict that a lot more people in the UK will be growing their own veggies as we’ve already seen some food shortages on the Supermarket’s shelves & food prices have spinach & rocketed over the last few months. Have you Botany Plants Lately

It will soon be time to dust off the lawn mower too. We all know someone who’s meticulous about mowing. If the lines aren’t pitch-perfectly straight this could be a strong case for Lawn & Order

Springtime is also a chance to connect with nature too, adding nutrients to the soil, planting bright Bee-Friendly borders & creating zones for wildlife will make for a happy, thriving garden. Hedgehogs will happily eat those pesky slugs & snails.  

Please refer to our anatomically correct diagram on T-Shirt above on how to identify a hed-gehog.

In case you were wondering, this is what a Bumblebee looks like too. 

If you don’t really dig the great outdoors and have more of a houseplant obsession this hilarious Tee may appeal to your inner Plantaholic! We loved designing this one so much, we may have wet our plants a little with excitement! 

So, there you have it, now’s the time to grow something beautiful & look the part in one of our Funny Gardening T-Shirts. We have plenty more on our website to choose from whether you’re looking for a punny joke, witty one-liner or a cute cartoon, we’ve got it! 

Happy Planting! 

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