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Rugby T-Shirt Six Nations

The Best Rugby T-Shirts For RBS Six Nations

Rugby Six Nations T-Shirts

With the Six Nations Rugby closing in on us, we thought it would be a good idea to get into the Rugby spirit with 10 of the best t-shirt designs! 

#1 Blood Sweat and beers

Blood Sweat Beers Rugby Six Nations

Just finishing your Rugby game and you're now going out to have a good time with some beers! Bloody, Sweaty and relaxing with an ice cold Beer is best!

Buy it here:

#2 DAD

For the dad's out there who are hardcode Rugby fans or just sitting at home relaxing, here's a design for you! Or a great birthday present!

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#3 Yes I'm a Girl!

Sometimes girls don't get enough credit for how good they are at Rugby! Here's to showing off that you're just as good as the Men!

Buy it here:

#4 No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls

American Football? No way. Rugby's a mans sport, we don't need the protection from pain!

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#5 Worlds Okayest Rugby Player

Some of us aren't the greatest when it comes to sports, but everyone starts somewhere! 

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#6 Ruck me, Maul Me, Make me Scrum!

What's a good t-shirt design without a sexual innuendo? 

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#7 Rugby & Beers

Exactly what it says on the t-shirt, What's better than sitting in the pub with the great atmosphere and a chilling beer? Nothing, that's what's better!

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#8 Evolution of Rugby

Back where it all begins in the 19th century, when Rugby was being converted from the football rules, is when one of the greatest games in the world was developed!

Buy it here:

#9 Rugby is Life

The Rugby lifestyle. The picture says it all!

Buy it here:

#10 Weekend Forecast

With every game of the six nations falling on the weekend, this is literally the perfect t-shirt for the weekend forecast. Rugby with a 100% chance of drinking.

Buy it here:


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this list of Rugby T-Shirts and hope you went ahead and got yourself some quality apparel!

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