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10 Really Bad Presents for Christmas

Knowing what to gift your nearest and dearest at this time of year can be really difficult.

Does she need another pair of novelty socks? Would he like another frying pan? Do the kids still like playing with coal?

Let us take the strain out of ruining Christmas with these 10 amazingly terrible gift ideas.


Car lashes

I got car eyelashes for Christmas this year from a close friend of mine. He told me that I had great eyelashes and he thought …so should my car! I laughed so hard I almost cried. This is a really bad gift. Carl, thanks but next year buy me a gift card.

Bad breath tester

I know this is bad but I gave this Bad Breath Tester to someone in the office as part of the secret Santa office gift exchange last year. When I picked the guy’s name, I knew I could finally get my message across to him without personally telling him. Ever since then, his breath has been fresh and I actually can talk to the guy longer than 2 seconds. Bad gift for him, good gift for me!

Santa toilet seat cover

My Mother-in-law felt we needed to spruce up our place with “more Christmas cheer”. This in her mind is how you add more xmas cheer, a Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set. When my husband first saw it he started laughing so hard, he almost chocked on a gummy bear. I guess nothing says Christmas cheer like opening up Santa’s head and defecating down his throat. Merry Christmas everyone!

Nose hair trimmer

A couple of Xmas’s ago I received a nose hair trimmer from my brother. Receiving a nose hair trimmer is already a bad gift but receiving one that is a shaped like a finger makes it a really bad gift.

Leg wraps

I told my Mom ONCE that my legs were feeling cold around Christmas time. Which is not very unusual since I live in Canada and the winters are cold. She interpreted this into a Christmas present request and she ended up buying me this absolutely crazy looking air leg massager. I guess they some how heat your legs up due to sweat build up since they material does not look that breathable or very comfortable. I exchanged this for another object that can keep your legs warm called a …blanket! Note to self, be careful what I say around Mom during Christmas.

Beer holster

It’s nice to know that whatever life throws at you, a beer can always be close to hand.

The Companion Pillow

Getting someone a gift like this is essentially saying, ‘you’re going to die alone so I want to make you feel comfortable’. The manufacturers sell it thus;

This is the pillow that holds you when your partner cannot. Shaped like a man’s torso, the pillow has a flexible arm that wraps around you as you lie on its burly, comforting chest. Made from fiber-fill, the pillow contours to your body and provides a soft sleeping surface that’s both physically and emotionally supportive. The pillow is dressed in a soft polyester button-down dress shirt, and unlike the real thing, the pillow won’t keep you awake with incessant snoring. Cover is removable and machine-washable.

Beard head

My wife always wished I could grow facial hair but I have been blessed with a baby face. Facial hair is not going to happen. This year for my birthday she bought me the Beard Head. I hated it and it looked really stupid on me. I ended up giving it to my brother who actually looks good it in. He always had the ability to pull off the stupid look.

Security pants

I got the Brief safe as a gift for my birthday. The brief safe is supposedly a security tool where you can place valuables in and since they appear to be heavily soiled no one in their right mind would look or dare touch. I thought it was a gag gift from my friend but I later found out from his wife that my friend actually purchased one for himself. LOL!

Neck Line Slimmer

I got the Neckline Slimmer from my kids last Christmas and I have not talked to them since!

Sponge Deodoriser

I got the Sponge Deodoriser as a gift from my aunt for Christmas. She thought it was a great invention, I thought that throwing out the sponge in garbage and using a new clean one was much more effective. I can get a whole package of sponges for a dollar so why would I need this. So what did I do with the sponge deodoriser? I re-gifted, thankfully it was a Secret Santa gift exchange

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Now here's a few Christmas Present that people wouldn't mind receiving!


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